Questionnaire on Disability and Christian aid agencies/ theological education centres


Dear readers,

In September 2019, a global questionnaire study on Disability Studies and Intercultural Theology was carried out (see below; PDF version here questionnaire print version). The aim was to find out how Christian Development Services are prepared for church employees who work abroad and have a physical or mental enrollment or are parents of children with such challenges. It was asked to what extent Christian development services meet inclusive requirements and how employees with such restrictions feel in the area of ​​member support and recruitment.

The questionnaire study described below was completed by 23 participants from the global church development service. A questionnaire evaluation can be found here as Word.docx (please click).

January 2020

Eberhard Werner


Dear Friends, Colleagues or interested parties,

The Network on Disability Studies and Intercultural Theology (NeDSITh) is interested in knowing how individuals, organizations or institutions involved with Christian development deal with disability and people with mobility or mental impairment. The audience for this study are parents of a child with a disability, people with disabilities themselves, and people that are caring for those with a physical or mental disability. One question asked here is how Christian development organizations or institutions are taking an Inclusive stance nowadays. The focus here is mainly on insider (emic) experience (e.g. parents with a child with special needs), but would also allow for those that are working with people with disability.

The 20 questions will not take you longer than 10 minutes. We ask you to spend that time to get a picture on Inclusion in Christian agencies and theological education centers.

We also would like to ask you to send this Mail and Link on to parties that you think should also contribute. We appreciate if you involve your networks with this study.


Eberhard Werner


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