Vision, Purpose and Goal

The vision of the Resarch-Foundation on Cultre and Religion is fueled by the desire to stimulate, network and open up new fields of research. We seek to be close to researchers and motivate them to tackle unknown research fields, small research papers or uncomfortable expert discussions.

The Research Foundation Culture and Religion enables the work of the Institute for Protestant Missiology out of its earnings and donations. The Foundation pursues exclusively and directly charitable and scientific purposes. It supports research in the context of cultures, languages and religions. The Institute for Protestant Missiology is responsible for the Network Disability Studies Intercultural Theology (NeDSITh).

The foundation also encourages the establishment of further institutes that realize the purpose of the foundation. The Institute for Protestant Mission serves as a framework model for other institutes promising this research goal.

The foundation works on the theological basis of the Lausanne Declaration 1974 (PDF).