Heartily Welcome

  • Posted on: 30 November 2017
  • By: redakteur

We, the Research Foundation Culture and Religion and the Institute for Protestant Missiology including their departments Bible translation and Disability Studies as well as the Network Disability Studies Intercultural Theology (NeDSITh) welcome you.

Find out about our vision, our people, our networks, and the missiological research we provide through these pages. We are happy hearing from you and are pleased that you take the time to get to know us.

Research, this important process of human information dissemination, is the basis of the Foundation for Culture and Religion and its associated Institute for Protestant Missiology (IfeM) as well as the Network of Disability Studies and Intercultural Theology (NeDSITh). The Science of Bible translation and Disability Studies in Intercultural Theology are close to our hearts.

Research is not only important for academic circles, research goes out from an individual, who questions something s/he experiences or observes, pursues and draws conclusions from it and makes this knowledge accessible to others. The Research Foundation and the Institute would like to encourage and help in this, for example in ways of publishing and disseminating such research results. This requires a discussion platform on which to exchange views, and also to get help and guidance. We want to encourage and promote this in the community of those interested. Research starts here and now. Often it is interpersonal issues or unexpected variations of the environment - culturally or linginguistical - that require observation, experience, or unfamiliar approaches. Their disclosure and discussion would also help others who are in similar situations, eg. in community building, in Christian development aid, in diaconia or in the living conditions of people. A warm invitation to all to get to the bottom of things and use the tools available here.