Article - Disability Studies

  • Posted on: 28 June 2018
  • By: redakteur

1) Werner, Eberhard 2017. Disability Studies in Anthropology – Concepts of Dis/Abled Otherness –. Gießen: NeDSITh. Online: URL: [Stand 2018-06-30]. /sites/all/files/uploads/Werner-Eberhard%20Anthropology%20and%20disability%202017.pdf


This article represents studies on Disability Studies out of the discipline of Cultural Anthropolohy. This social study represents the ethnographic study of Dis/Abled. Otherness as a form of discrimination as well as identification is investigated from the prespective of people with and without disability.

2) Werner, Eberhard 2018. Inclusivist Leadership. Power Point Presentation at 4th Christian Leadership Conference. 26.-27. April. Holzhausen: Karimu Center. Online: URL:  [accessed 2018-06-30]. /sites/all/files/uploads/Werner%2C%20Eberhard%20Metaphors%20of%20Inclusion%20CLC%202018.pdf


The topic of this article is on "Inclusion" as a metaphor for leadership. This originally power point presentation (here PDF) demonstrates the strenghts of inclusive leadership from the perspective of the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule is understood as a rligious and human metaphor of social attitudes. Leadership here is taken as a form of primus inter pares (first under equal).