Bible Translation Forum – Symposium – up from 2005

The annual Bible Translation Forum – Symposium – is a symposium where theologians, translators, linguists, and others interested in Bible translation (eg, missiologists, sociologists, etc.) meet to critically and fairly discuss their work in the area of the Science of ​​Bible Science.

In the past, we had translators of the Unified Translation, the Elberfelder Bible, the Basis Bible, the New Zurich Bible, the Bible in Just Language, the Luther Bible, and the New Evangelical Translation. Also Linguists in functional translation and relevance theory, as well as translation consultants from United Bible Societies and Summer Institute of Linguistics. Speakers and participants cover the entire spectrum of ecclesiastical tradition.

The idea of ​​the forum is to discuss the largely ignored, but in our opinion central, Christian theme of the Bible as a translation, and to find out who, when, what and for whom, in this area, something has been done or undertaken.

I would personally be very happy if you get excited about it and I look forward to your inquiry. You are also welcome to recommend the Forum to your friends who are interested in the science of Bible translation.

The Bible translation Forum is supported by Wycliff Germany e.V. (Holzhausen), Verlag Theologie und Religion (VTR; Nuremberg), Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL; Dallas), Forum Theologie (Wiedenest) and the Forschungs-Stiftung Kultur und Religion (Gießen).

Eberhard Werner

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Find below the programs of the past Bible Translation Forums:

1st Bible Translation Forum 2005;    1 FBÜ-2005 Inhalt
2nd Bible Translation Forum 2006; 2. BÜ Forum Wied 12 – 13 Juni 2006
3rd Bible Translation Forum 2007;  3. FBÜ-2007
4th Bible Translation Forum 2008;  4. FBÜ-2008
5th Bible Translation Forum 2009;  5. Forum Bibelübersetzung, 8.-9. 9. 2009
6th Bible Translation Forum 2010;  6. Forum Bibelübersetzung, 24. – 25. 9. 2010
7th Bible Translation Forum 2011;   7. Forum Bibelübersetzung, 03. – 04.05. 2011
8th Bible Translation Forum 2012; 8. Forum Bibelübersetzung, 15.05 – 16.05.2012
9th Bible Translation Forum 2013; 9. Forum Bibelübersetzung, 14.05 – 15.05.2013
10th Bible Translation Forum 2014;   10. Forum Bibelübersetzung, Wiedenest, 06.05 – 07.05.2014
11th Bible Translation Forum 2015;    11. Forum Bibelübersetzung 05.05 – 06.05.2015
12th Bible Translation Forum 2016;   12. Symposium Forum Bible translation Oslo 200th anniversary Norwegian Bible Society
13th Bible Translation Forum 2017;   13. Forum Bibelübersetzung, 16.05 – 17.05.2017 Karimu
14th Bible Translation Forum 2018;  14. Forum Bibelübersetzung Wiedenest 24-25 April 2018
15th Bible Translation Forum 2019;  15. FBÜ wQEBTF Oslo 15-16 May 2019 Program
16th Bible Translation Forum 2020 was cancelled dueto the Corona Epidemy – the annual Yearbook 2020 was published
16th Bible Translation Forum 2021; Bible Translation Forum 5.-6. Mai 2020 Program
17th Bible Translation Forum 2022;  17. Forum Bibelübersetzung 03.05 – 04.05.2022 Karimu