In our database on missiological research you will find following material out of these topics:

  • General missionary journals and mission books of all kinds.
  • Publications, journals and documents from and about: works of missiology and diakonia, evangelistic oriented associations, etc.
  • Materials on community building initiatives from abroad.
  • Circular letters, and letters from missionaries (from all times)
  • Published products about mission, educational programs, courses and training on missiology, intercultural theology, mission theology, religions, ethnology,  sociology, politics, psychology.
  • Lectures, presentations, diploma and semester papers, dissertations.
  • Information about prominent personalities of global Christian development aid.
  • Documents of congresses, conferences and meetings.
  • Archive material such as letters, pictures, also from estates of Christian workers and their friends.
  • Objects, pictures, films from cultures, religions and practical missional work.
  • Information material about missiological areas.
  • Non-academic material such as narratives, stories, etc. with high informational value.

Do you have a request for a specific topic or are you looking for a specific publication? Then feel free to contact us. We ask you to kindly provide a reason for your request.

Online Archive

Soon we want to offer you the possibility to search our database online. Please have patience for a little while. Thank you very much.