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With this publication, with the provisional title: Wenn Köpfe rollen – Vom Erfahrungspotential der “Anderen” lernen – Satiren zum Alltag in Kirche und Gesellschaft (When Heads Roll – Learning from the Experiential Potential of “Others” – Satires on Everyday Life in Church and Society), a collection of the most diverse biographical narratives around disability is brought to the public and, above all, to the church social sector.

The clash of life worlds of people with and without disabilities in society and church shall be presented in a funny, questioning, but also self-critical way. The aim is to point out human incapacity, but also theological sticking points that contribute to people with physical or mental differences feeling “different”, excluded, foreign or non-accepted. This can range from comic issues, struggles for rights, building barriers, to legal issues (coercion, libel, or slander). All people who have had experiences as assistants or as caregivers themselves, in their families or even by third parties are invited.
The plan is to publish the paper with Neufeld Publishing at the end of 2022.

Each contribution should be a minimum of 2,000 words and a maximum of 6,000 words. The contributions will be edited by an editorial team.
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