Expert Advice and Promotion of missiological Work

The Institute for Protestant Missiology provides valuable material from missionary work and missiological research, which was collected, compressed and specifically retrievable for missiological research.

Our focus is on Germany from the 1970’s to 2016. In our archive slumber circular letters from missionaries from all over the world, unpublished lectures, lectures and conference papers, information brochures from missionary ministries, seminar papers by students and many other written witnesses of the missiological context.

Missionaries, missiological researchers, students, pastors and mission seekers will find a wealth of information from decades to today. Most of them exist digitally, but some are also in our well-stocked library.

With its expertise, the Institute is also available for research questions in the context of Protestant Missiology, theology, anthropology and sociology.

Whether you are simply browsing or searching specifically – you are heartily welcome to us.

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