1982: Klaus W. Müller as scientific assistant of Prof. G.W. Peters, was commissioned to set up a research center for Protestant Missiology as part of the seminar for missionary training in Monbachtal.

From 1984 on: Continuous development and expansion of the stock at the private Institute of Mission (Korntal).

1994: Start of the Foundation of Culture and Religion.

1998: The research center is dissolved at the location of the Free University for Mission in Korntal. The stock was presented to the director but then handed over to Klaus W. Müller. At this time, the center contains information on more than 1,000 missionary works in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

2000: Foundation of the “Society for Education and Research in Europe” (today seated in Gummersbach).

2000: Start of the work of the new institute in Biebertal with a board of trustees of missiological experts from various denominational backgrounds in cooperation with the GBFE.

2001: The first employee works full-time as part of her retraining as a specialist in media and information services for the Institute. Some volunteers help actively. The institute takes on tasks for Working group for evangelical missiology (today missiotop), such as book series and the journal em. First bibliographic collection of journals.

2004: Start of the Scientific Foundation for Culture and Religion as legal basis.

2004: Foundation of the Institute for Asian Minorities in Hong Kong with Dr. Ing. Gerner, who founds his own foundation a few years later for his institute.

2012: Appointment of Dr. Eberhard Werner on the board of the foundation and in the management of the institute.

2013: Start of the digitization process.

2014: Restructuring of the work of the institute and renaming to “Institute for Protestant Missiology”.

2015: Appointment of new curators.

2017: Foundation of the Network of Disability Studies and Intercultural Theology (NeDSITh). Samuel Groß as academic assistant to the NeDSITh.

2020: Jonathan Fröhlich and Samuel Groß join the Chair of the Foundation. Eberahrd Werner as 1. Chair and Prof. Dr. Müller as 2. chair. Jonathan Fröhlich as academic assistant of the Institute for evangelical missiology.

2021: Dr. Tianji Ma is introduced to take over the Forum Bibletranslation and to build up a Forum East Asia.