Our Concern

The Institute for Protestant Missiology collects and digitizes documents from culture, religion and the Christian work. Our goal is to create a broad research base: Digitally accessible and steadily growing. This gives us important research results and valuable practical experience and makes them usable for many.

The Institute for Protestant Missiology works in the field of Disability Studies. It has launched the network Disability Studies and Intercultural theology. Researchers with and without physical or mental limitations should link to it. We want to generate and promote research in the field of post-colonialism, gender studies and the processing and transformation of Christian development aid.

The Institute for Protestant Missiology is active in the field of Science to the Bible translation. The aim is to generate and promote research around first Bible translations (so-called missionary Bible translations) as well as Revisions and New Bible translations (in a context with existing Bible translations).

Because we are convinced: Missiology must be explored.

We are committed to opening up archives and making diverse material available, so that young researchers have an even better foundation and that missionaries are even better trained and prepared for their service. Journals are timeless news sources, newsletters from Christian workers, sustainable practice reports, seminar papers, content-rich information collections and materials from Christian development societies individual collections of high value. These are all treasures for eternity, which should not be lost in archives, but should be useful in practice.

That’s what we work for.