Your Contribution

Do you receive missionary circulars and are not sure if you want to keep the collection?

Do you have missiological literature in your library that you no longer need?

Do you have letters from missionaries that may be of interest to a wider public?

You have valuable teaching or training documents and would like to make this useful to others?

Do you collect magazines and letters from missionary ministries and do you want to keep your collection meaningful?

You manage the estate of missionaries and do not know who is interested in the documents? We look forward to assisting you in collecting a variety of documents.

Make your collection available to us – we digitize it, get it for the long term and make it accessible to a wider audience. We also retain control over the material. Because some documents are confidential and not intended for the general public. We maintain this confidentiality.

Please contact us if you would like to provide us with your documents. You can also attach individual digital documents directly to your message.