Network Disability Studies and Intercultural Theology (NeDSITh)

The Network Disability Studies and Intercultural Theology (NeDSITh) is part of the Institute of Protestant Missiology (IfeM). It aims to link people with and without disabilities in the field of Intercultural Theology.

Disability Studies cover the entire range of research around

– People with physical, mental or emotional limitations,
– the sociological, medical, pedagogical and cultural implications of physical, mental or emotional limitations.

This includes the basic research on both the actors and the topic of “disability” (paradigms, models, theories) as well as the whole of (inter-) national and local (re-) presentations and effects (e.g. legal, media). The actors of Disability Studies come from the entire field of research on Disability Studies and are not bound by physical or mental features, due to the social need for mutual exchange and out of respect.

Intercultural theology includes
– research on (inter-) national inter-gender actors in the field of Christian development aid,
– the theological issues in regard to their mission and calling, and finally
– the missiological implications of the history, the present as well as proposed future developments.

Intercultural theology takes on borrowings from anthropology, sociology, religious studies, communication sciences, education, psychology and medicine. Due to her intercultural orientation, she seeks to describe constructs around the encounter of cultures, language groups and peer groups and to work them up for Christian theological research.

The MISSION of NeDSITh can be expressed in the search for intercultural and sociological contexts in the historical and contemporary encounter of the actors of Christian development aid. These includes the post-colonial processing of constructs around ‘disability’, the ethnographic description of current work areas, and finally the theological-hermeneutical reflection of disability studies in approaches of Christian development aid.

The VISION of NeDSITh can be described in the networking, the scientific exchange and the critical-constructive debate on the subjects between the actors with and without physical or mental limitations.

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Dr. Eberhard Werner and Samuel Groß

Director and Scientific Assistant